$350.00 GST

$350 / week

Summer Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day. (Before and after care available – Let us know hours you are requesting ahead of time)

Goal: Our summer camp is filled with delicious food, learning moments, laughter, life long skills, new friends, creativity and confidence building. If your child likes cooking shows like Master chef, Sugar Rush etc then they will love this camp. If your child does not watch cooking or baking shows then we have the perfect atmosphere to light up that skills and bring out the creativity in your child. Whether your child is just starting out in the kitchen or is an advance learner, our camp is tailored for your child to develop transitional skills while having unending fun. Kids will learn different cooking techniques each day and apply those skills!

Dates: July 20-24, 2020

Location: Rockpoint Church
Address:12 Bowridge Dr NW, Calgary AB T3B 2T9



OVERVIEW: Our goal is to equip and expose students to hands on recipes around the world. Our young chefs will learn about different global flavours. We will step by step teach our students how to prepare these meals, appreciate new foods, new flavours and diverse cultures. Students will be empowered to execute sweet and savoury recipes at home so as to help cook meals at home and prepare lunches for school. Our welcoming environment provides a “real” setting so that the students can take what they learn at NCC to their own homes. Students will acquire the knowledge, experience, and confidence to build lifelong cooking skills that can ignite creativity, and build self-esteem. Students will eat what they prepare, execute recipes learned at home, build confidence, and most importantly create memories that will last forever.

Our curriculum will also expose your budding chef the following areas:

• Kitchen safety
• Meal planning
• Knife skills
• Baking and pastry skills
• Cooking techniques
• Etiquette and manners
• Food Presentation
• Proper food handling
• Food preparation
• Table setting
• Kitchen hygiene
• How to prepare dinner for your family
• And so much more!

Continents covered:
• North America
• South America
• Caribbean
• Europe
• African
• Asia

Requirement 1: Your lovely smile and a positive attitude to learn and have fun, and a take away container should you have left over. If you cannot finish your food you may take it with you.

Requirement 2: For kitchen safety reasons, please wear indoor closed toe shoes only, comfortable clothing, and have your hair tied  back as you will be standing, sitting and working most of the time.


Menu Sneak peek: 

Day 1

Campers will start out Monday learning about kitchen equipment, kitchen safety, hygiene and terminology and gradually over the week apply all skills learned
Splendid carrot cake
Art fruit delight
Mango-pineapple slush
Turkey gyros pita pockets/Spinach bean salad


Day 2

Cranberry chicken sandwich
Bake cup cakes
Brainstorm on colours
Mix fill-ins and frosting
Practice piping techniques
Eat and take home
Roasted Strawberry Ice cream


Day 3

Pizza or Cream Puffs with Vanilla Pastry Cream
Art fruits
Caesar salad with croutons
Coco chicken bites with sauce
Fresh fruit smoothies


Day 4

Shamani cookies
Mango ice cream
Thai stir fry/steamed rice
Orange glazed chicken/ kale salad


Day 5

Cooking challenge- Get creative with your own menu

The kids will work in groups planning their own, unique menus based on the weeks culinary lessons or meal of choice. Shopping will be done in the morning by staff after the kids have decided on a menu. Kids will spend the rest of the afternoon cooking their dishes to be presented by each group at the end of the class. Campers will have fun showing off what they have learned/prepared at the graduation. Our kids are always excited during this session.

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